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“’Token Gestures‘, the debut album of C.L.Mayer and his Auwald Trio – Christian Ludwig Mayer (p), Ludwig Leininger (b) and Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano (d) – is amazingly diverse. Mayer, the composer of all the music, has the animated between-musical-genres expressive fantasy of a Jaki Byard, the melodic touch of a Roland Hanna, the romantic soul of a Robert Schumann and an enormous helping of originality. Stride piano or neo-baroque are merely a launching pad from which the music can venture out in all directions with ludicrous ingenuity and knock-you-down swing. However, the “Token Gestures” aren’t merely stylistic exercises – they are authentic self-expression. The mysteriously ironic [booklet] texts also reveal esprit.”

--Marcus Woelfle, RONDO Das Klassik und Jazz Magazin

The debut CD of C.L.Mayer and his Auwald Trio "Token Gestures" was nominated in 2017 for the "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik".

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The Auwald Consort, under the direction of C.L. Mayer, is an international ensemble of varied sizes, ranging from chamber music ensemble to chamber orchestra. This ensemble gathers to perform theater pieces and concerts with diverse stylistic focal points.

Selected guest musicians:

​Sergej Didorenko, Ludwig Hahn, Mario Korunic, Amy Park, Bob Stern (violin)

Dusa Ernst, Oscar Merchan (viola)

Eugen Bazijan, Philipp von Morgen (cello)

Ludwig Leininger, Harald Scharf (double bass)

Raoul Alverellos, Susanne Eyhorn, Hugo Siegmeth, Alexander von Hagke, Ulrich Wangenheim, Hans-Peter Willer (clarinet, saxophone, flute)

Ludwig Himpsl, Marcus Noichl, Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano (drums, percussion)

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"Worldmusic meets jazz"


Pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Christian Ludwig Mayer -- together with his Ensemble -- invite you to a musical road-movie from the village to the city, from the Balkan to the Berlin of the twenties, to the Caribbean, old New Orleans and back again.


His Ensemble International has performed numerous times in France and at the Tollwood Festival in Munich and brings together leading musicians from diverse genres. Alongside the swinging rhythm group from Mayer’s Auwald Trio with Ludwig Leininger on contrabass and Lorenz Hunziker on drums are Alexander von Hagke on clarinet and saxophone, Mario Korunic on violin and Ludwig Himpsl on horns and percussion.




Ballroom Cats

International swing band:

London, Berlin, Oberdorf

Louisa Jones (vocal, double bass)

James Scannell (clarinet)

Christian Ludwig Mayer (accordion)

Jean-Marie Fagon (guitar)

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